Tuesday, 21 July 2009

That's my dress!

So I'm sat on the sofa reading a post about the principles of fabric selection by oliver + s, and imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to see a photo of the dress I made. Lets just say I have a big smile on my face. In case you missed the photo of the dress from my last post, here it is again:

I especially liked how the designer used the words 'elegant and sophisticated' - I am honoured.

This is the first and only item of clothing I have finished (I have a Gillian sized dress I started to make for St Georges day but it's still not finished). In January I wanted to join an evening class to learn holiday level French, to you and me, that's asking for a bread without the locals muttering under their breath. But all of the French classes started in September and lasted a year so I could not join. I had already decided I wanted to make an item of clothing and so joined a dressmaking class to learn the basics, the group met two hours a week for ten weeks - perfect. I love the oliver + s patterns as the designs allow children to look like children and had looked through the flickr pool quite a few times as it's a great source of fabric inspiration. So as soon as I joined the class I ordered the tea party pattern.

My niece loved her party dress and I would make it again.



Gillian said...

Wow, you should be very proud of yourself! I love those Oliver + S patterns too but haven't tried one yet. XX Gillian (I saw your name somewhere in blogland and thought hey I don't remember writing that! It took me a while to realise it was a different Gillian. There are a few crafty Gillians around I've noticed).

Anonymous said...

Hia Gillian, well done on making such a pretty dress. She looks like she loved it. I did a bit of dress making before I learned crafting to use up my bits LOL. It hasn't worked out quite like that. :-) I seem to have more than ever.

Lovely work. I hope it inspires you to make more.

Sorry I'm catching up late- Demon messed up our download speed so I couldn't see any blogs.

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