Sunday, 19 July 2009

101 in 1001

Late last year I read craftavist's blog and her 101 in 1001 and 31 before 32 lists, and they really inspired me. I wanted to start off small, so for the first time in years I made New Years Resolutions, all 7 of them. I had only one requirement, they had to be fun, 3 months later I had completed 6 of them.

I really wanted to do more and found many people in the blog world with their own 101 in 1001 list. It was started by the Day Zero Project. The idea is to write a list of 101 tasks and goals you want to complete in 1001 days (2.75 years), and for me that's the 28th October 2011.

Over a month I contemplated what should be on list and was happy with its content. Then I went and get engaged, that totally threw me. The list is quite a bit longer (it's the wedding's fault) and as long as I finish about 80 of my 101+, I'll be happy.

I'm not quite ready to put my list out there for all the world so see so I'm going to list the tasks I have completed at the bottom of my posts and add them to the left side bar. Maybe one day I'll post the full list...

But for now, I have completed 13 out of the 111 tasks, they are:
1. Sew an item of clothing.

Here's the tea party sundress, designed by oliver + s, made by me and modelled by my niece.

and a close up

20. Visit an art gallery/museam. V&A
24. Go to a concert. Blur
27. Watch a musical. Chicago and Wicked
30. Skiing. Indoor
59. Take an evening class. Clothes-making
61. Watch a new foreign language film.
93. Plant irises.
94. Plant crocuses.
96. Plant a tree.
103. Choose engagement ring.
105. Choose wedding location.
107. Choose wedding dress.

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