Friday, 28 May 2010

Bleaching fabric

Sometimes does not work.

It's the first time I have tried to lighten fabric and decided to use the bleach.  Before starting I read some instructions on the internet, placed each fabric colour in a separate mixture of warm water and bleach for several minutes.  

Here they are, can you tell the difference?  

No.  Neither can I.  

Do you have any suggestions for future attempts?

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Do sewing machines have their own quilts?

In my house they do.

This sewing machine quilt has been on my UFO list for sometime.  Over a year ago I woke one Sunday morning eager to try something new, made a sketch, worked out the dimensions and grabbed some old shirt fabric that I'd purchased 2 or so years ago from the NEC quilt show.  
The quilt is to go under my sewing machine to stop it from damaging my kitchen table.  Some of the shirt fabric I really don't like is hidden under the machine and one of the very first fat quarters I purchased around the edge.  I have backed the quilt with more shirt fabric, and it's actually my favourite part.  This time I decided to go with white binding, it was probably a bad idea but I think it balances the colours in the quilt top.
I'm tried out a different type of wadding for this project, I usually use Warm and Natural for bed quilts, but for a machine quilt cheap wadding will do.

In Liverpool's new shopping area two new shops opened recently and yours truely just happened to pop by.  I'm not accustomed to shop openings and so why not take a moment to enjoy a glass of champaign and ord'erves.  Who am I to question their marketing techniques???


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Hen party gifts

My friends Lauren and Jon are getting married in June and this bank holiday weekend is Lauren's hen party in London.  As I cannot go I put together a gift bag as a surprise and gave it to her on Friday night.

Hen parties usually include an alcoholic drink or two so I included a bottle of Italian wine (they are getting married in Italy), goblets, a pack of hangover tablets, a tube map of London, and Mr and Mrs Questions (with forfeits).  

To tie in with the love theme the hen and each chick will receive packet of Love Heart sweets and a heart shaped biscuit made using this recipe.  Each biscuit was packaged in a bag and with a label designed by the boy. 

It is common for hens parties to have a clothing theme and for Lauren's each chick will receive a fabric flower that can be worn as a corsage or in the hair, and as every bride to-be needs a veil I made Lauren's using a head band, a flower and some netting from my stash.

Lauren, I hope you have a great weekend.

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