Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Diversity is good.

Last year my quilting group entered The Great Northern Quilt show, and guess what, we came second in the group quilt category!  It's the first time we're entered and we were so happy when we heard the results. The wall hanging is now on display in our meeting room and this is the first chance I've had to take a photo.

Each hanging is very different and reflects the work of each quilter.

My contribution is the wonky squares panel in the centre.  When I started to make the panel in January 2009 wonky squares were everywhere in blogland and this project was the perfect opportunity to have a go at a new block.  

I practiced free motion quilting in the shape of cinnamon rolls on my panel.  I find this pattern a lot easier than stippling but I might have found it even easier if I had lowered my sewing machine's feed dogs!  I was told at a later date I was supposed to be afraid of free motion quilting, ignorance is bliss. 


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Anonymous said...

Lovely work Gillian. The colours you all used look beautiful together.

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