Sunday, 15 August 2010

Something to do with a hen and a stag

Sorry about the title, I had to keep the 'Something ...' wedding post theme going somehow. 

Our hen and stag parties were full of activities.

I went to my very first ice skating lesson.  I have skated before but have never been on a lesson - something I wanted to do for years.   We learnt to skate backwards, in a circle, do small jumps and to skate on one foot.  It was brilliant, I recommend you try it.

On the train to the ice rink Helen passed me a package and said "Before you open this do you promise to do whatever is in it?" After some deliberation and making her promise it was not dares or a tacky veil with L plates or other 'things' on it (you can guess what), I said yes.

I had to wear a bright yellow tutu, bright pink fingerless gloves and bright yellow ankle warmers.  

Then they made me wear this outfit on the tram back to Manchester and as I walked through Manchester city centre, always walking a few steps behind me.  Strangely, hardly anyone batted an eye-lid, ha har.

We met the others at The Modern restaurant above the Urbis museum for a fantastic meal (I recommend the golden syrup pudding with vanilla custard) and more dressing up items.

In the evening we watched 'Charlies Aunt' at the Royal Exchange Theatre.  The play has been running since 1892, making it one of the most successful farces.

For the boys stag party his brother took him for a helicopter flying lesson as a surprise.  In the evening they met the others to watch comedian Al Pitcher and for a night in Liverpool.

We both had great days.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely -the stuff memories are made of. :-)

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