Monday, 14 December 2009

Cup cosies and coats

I'm finally back in the sewing groove. I had some time off sewing when I was really busy at work and decided after sharing so many non-crafty posts the next one had to show something I had made. But then I'd had such a long break from blogging that I thought I had to show you something really good, because taking in tops and repairing clothes is just not interesting enough, right?

Two of my friends (Michelle and Nikki) have started sewing (yay) and they got my itching to make something.  But again, I wanted to share something great, and have fantastic photos... Unfortunately in the rainy north west the light is not great in the winter, or even good.  

So, I thought just get on with it and finally stopped waiting for daylight, so without further ado... du du dur... 

Any idea what this is?

It's the lining from my winter coat.  

It's a good quality coat but the the lining fell apart.  In my pre-sewing days I went to a few repair shops and they said it would cost about £70 to have it relined!  So the coat patiently in my wardrobe for a few years until I would attempt to do it.  With some encouragement and the fact it's freezing cold (always a good motivator, and I gave my only other winter coat to a charity shop), I used what was left of the lining and made a new lining using some colourful fabric from Ikea.  Here's it finished:

I have also been making brew cosies:

I made them for some friends at work and when I told them, the conversation went something like this:
Me: I'm making a little present for you.
Them: Awww, really, what are you making?
Me: (silence... and turning bright red with embarrassment).
Them: OMG, you're going red, what are you making?
Me: Brew cosies....
Them: Brew cosies... (howls of laughter) what are they?
Me: It's like a tea pot cosy but for your mug, the little quilt will keep your cup of tea warm.
Them: Can't we just drink our tea quicker???
Me: !  
They really do like them.  I showed them to my quilt group and they loved them too, again there was a lot of laughing. 

- - - - - 101 in 1001 - - - - -

My time away has meant I have made some good progress with my 101 list:

13. All of the little people in my life are to have something handmade By Gillian.
25. Go to a comedy show.
26. Visit the ballet.
49. Do 5 things in the Britain Lonely Planet Guide. (5/5)
37. Go away for a weekend with the boy. (2/2)
63. 3 of the above books must be classics. (3/3)
66. Write a list of 25 things I like about myself.
79. Link my 101 list to my present list.
89. Decorate the office.
90. New carpets. (3/3)
111. Choose caterer.

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Andrea Hunter said...

LOL, I have just nearly choked laughing reading your 'brew cosie' conversation.... whilst drinking a now very cold brew.

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