Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Festival of Quilts

Yesterday I headed to Birmingham with my mum and aunt Megan to The Festival of Quilts. Here are my favourite quilts from the show.

Hundreds of hexagons

This is the back of a quilt, I love the quilting

The lady in this was painted onto the fabric and the contours stitched on top

A group project

One day I want to make a quilt like this (unfortunately half the quilt was in the shade)

And this (the quilt was so big I could not get all of it in one shot without loosing the detail)

And this (the dark fabric is actually blue)

Miniture quilts

The stitches on this quilt are minute

I loved this one, the the pieces were tiny

I was good and only bought a few fat quarters, some backing fabric and quilt wadding.

My mum hits the big 6-0 this November and is retiring, she's still going to work two days a week, look after my nieces a couple of days a week when my sister is working... and with the (little) time she has left she's going to learn to sew. My dad's mum sewed all the time and jokes he was happy when he found a wife that did not sew, now she's going to buy a sewing machine, it was his birthday on Thursday - I should have bought him ear plugs LOL. Happy birthday dad.

It took a while, but I have finally read all 500+ posts - phew.

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