Tuesday, 7 July 2009

My First Quilt

I am taking part in Camille and Carrie's Parade of Quilts, each participant shows their first and most recent quilt.

I can't quite decide if the first quilt I started is the first or third quilt I finished. In the middle of making the one below I started to design and make two quilts for the twin girls my sister was expecting, so it was finished after quilts 2 and 3.

I attend Croston Quilters in Lancashire and the amazing ladies Anne and Janet patiently and painstakingly talked me through each stage of making this quilt. When I first talked to Anne she said it would take six meetings to finish the quilt - but she did not know me! I can't just make one thing at a time and so it took me around a year to finally finish it. Anne is the reason I am precise when cutting and sewing, if my sewing was not straight enough or the seam allowance was wrong it was ripped out and I started over again. It's the best teaching I could have had. But alas I no longer have it, my mum loved the lap quilt so much I gave it to her as a present.

My most recent quilt was a present for my cousin's son for his first birthday and it is based on the Melly & Me Scrappy Cabin Quilt Challenge. For this quilt I decided any colour could be used except pink, but I did manage to sneak a little bit in. It's 52x42" and is for a cot bed.

The top is pieced from pre-loved fabric, scraps and fabric from my stash. It's the second time I have quilted free-motion, I found the quilting pattern in the amazing book Simple Traditions, author Kim Diehl calls the pattern cinnamon rolls and I found it a lot easier to quilt than stippling and more fun than quilting in the ditch. The label is pieced into the back and that's another first for me.

Have a good week.



Camille said...

What beautiful projects! Sounds like you had a fantastic teacher.

Gillian said...

Camille, thanks for being the first person to leave a comment on my blog, especially as yours and the Jolly Jabber were the first ones I read.

Leslie said...

your newest quilt is so pretty...i love all the colors and the scrappiness of it. Beautiful

Chase said...

I learned your quilt from Camille's parade of quilt event. I really like your first quilt and newest quilt. they are so pretty!

Bowlby said...

Your quilts are gorgeous! You're so lucky to have some women to help you through the process.

Michelle U said...

Beautiful quilts Gill, I feel inspired to have a go too!

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